KEM Accounting and Business Services


At KEM Business Solutions, our goal is to build relationships with our clients, adopt their vision and help them realize it.  We believe the key to growth and profitability lies in understanding and improving management reporting, financial analysis and administrative practices.


The foundation for financial data integrity starts with accuracy. The lack of accurate financial information can affect your business in a multitude of ways such as; over or understatement of income causing tax ramifications, inaccurate bank balances resulting in overdraft fees, and miscoding of expenses which can lead to unreliable business decisions.
Having financial information updated in a timely manner adds value to your business in many ways. Looking at a Profit & Loss Statement or Balance Sheet that is two or three months old gives you an unsound snapshot of your business and can lead to missed opportunities. Timely updating of transactions allow you to make changes to your business real-time to ensure sustainability and future growth.
Gaining a neutral, unbiased prospective gives your business the edge it needs to thrive. Being able to evaluate business processes, recommend work flows and report on key industry indicators empowers an owner to adjust and refine business practices with confidence.