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Christina Prieto
Christina PrietoHarmony Wellness Center
"As an acupuncturist, I had a strong aversion to doing my own bookkeeping because I’d much rather be spending time on patient care. I simply did not have the discipline or extra time to both run my clinic effectively and handle the financials. I was hesitant to give away the control of my practice because I had always done everything myself.I selected KEM because I felt they were trustworthy and I knew I would be putting my company in good hands. I love the ease of working with them, the care they put into each interaction, and the individualized attention. Since hiring KEM, I have my freedom back. Tax season is no longer dreadful and, for the first time, my deadlines are met, bills are organized, and payroll is seamless! I recommend them a million times over!"
Cheryl Reisman
Cheryl ReismanEustis Roofing Co.
“As our business grew, my time got more stretched. In the beginning, I was just looking for a bookkeeper. But after I hired KEM, I realized I that I got way more than I expected. My books not only got tidied up, but I gained knowledge about our business from their expertise. They took the time to learn about our business and they care about our success.When my daughter recently started her business as a realtor, they drove an hour after a full day’s work just to attend her open house. “It’s what we do,” they said, like going way above and beyond was the most natural thing in the world. I have been using KEM for about 4-5 years now, and Karen and Liz are like an extension of our business. I can’t imagine running Eustis Roofing without them.”
Julie Mitchell
Julie MitchellThe College Map
“As a new business owner, I quickly developed a team of external consultants-- including KEM Business Solutions--to assist me in daily business operations. Karen and Liz are adept at identifying processes that make us operate efficiently and seamlessly, from HR to accounts receivables. Maria and I lean on them for sound advice and best practices. We enthusiastically recommend them.”
Maria Guthie
Maria GuthieThe College Map
“Karen & Liz work together with us in a professional, efficient manner. They allow us to focus on what we do best while they do what they do best. They are always searching for ways to streamline our processes and to improve our necessary financial and business reports.”
Jesse Squillace
Jesse SquillaceDrymetrics.com
“My partner and I were looking for someone to help us solve the problems we were encountering in QuickBooks. Karen exposed all of our mistakes and helped us fix them quickly. I trust her completely. She is efficient, and she knows exactly what she's doing. She keeps everything in perfect order. Even our accountant asked me about our bookkeeper because he was so impressed. I recommend KEM Business Solutions to any business that needs help setting up and maintaining their books.”
Eddie Diaz
Eddie DiazEncore Creations & Eventful Voyages
“For many years, I struggled with finding the right professional bookkeeper. I was challenged with filing mistakes, bookkeeping errors and tax penalties. Karen and Elizabeth have been the “professional angels” that my company needed. They literally saved my business and took my bookkeeping to the next level. KEM Business Solutions has given me the trust and confidence that I never had before. I can now sleep at night knowing that financial things are getting done, on time and accurately!”
Brittany Boscana
Brittany BoscanaBrie & Brie and The Emerald Fox
“KEM Business Solutions is one of the best investments I’ve made in my two companies. I was hesitant to hire a professional bookkeeper, not knowing if the money would be well spent. As an entrepreneur, I knew that every dollar counts. But hiring Karen and Liz has freed me up to grow my businesses. I now understand my numbers and tax season is extra simple. I recommend Karen and Liz to every business I know. They are worth every penny.”
Jeffrey McMillan
Jeffrey McMillanCertified Arborist, J&J Lawn & Tree Service
“I highly recommend KEM Business Solutions. From the start, Karen and Elizabeth were very professional, detail-oriented and quick. They freed up my time so I can spend my time building my business while they handle the accounting. They are very well schooled in QuickBooks, and this has helped us out tremendously.”
Christine Bramuchi
Christine BramuchiAlliance for Public Schools
“We started our non-profit business five years ago. As a start-up, we were used to doing everything in house. However, we quickly realized that our payroll and bookkeeping needed to be done by experts. Although we were scared to hire a professional service, multiple small business owners all told us, “Hire KEM Business Solutions. It’ll be the best decision you ever make.” KEM immediately streamlined our payroll and put us on QuickBooks Online. Now, we have access to reports and information right at our fingertips. Our payroll is always on time. We are much more efficient overall because we allocate our time to our business, rather than to bookkeeping.”

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Gregory Klote

I highly recommend KEM Business Solutions. My law firm uses there services for multiple issues. KEM has helped us set up payroll, benefits, reconcile our bank account, provide bookkeeping, financial analysis, and many other tasks. Karen and Liz are smart, caring, and hardworking. KEM always is looking after our company's best interest.

Suzanne Meehle

I am the managing partner of an Orlando law firm. We have used KEM as our "accounting department" since 2016, and it is the best business decision we ever made. Karen and Liz are rock stars. They make us feel like their only client. And they have done amazing things for our bottom line. Our profitability has increased every year that we have used them, in no small part to their efforts. Our books are clean, our balance sheet & P&L are intelligible, and we know where we are Budget to Actual every single month. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ron Cervantes

Liz is supportive and responsive and always on top of reconciling my accounts and processing sales tax reports. She always offers great financial business advice. She keeps me on my toes on getting payments from clients and gives me encouragement to grow.

Christine Bramuchi

I highly recommend KEM Business Solutions. They exemplify customer service and take care of our accounting with thoroughness and care. They are a valued member of our team and we couldn't do what we do without them!

Jason Gregory

I love working with KEM Business Solutions! They are extremely organized, thorough and keep me constantly updated! Thank you for looking out for my business!

Genesis Garcia

KEM Business Solutions is an incredible bookkeeping firm that makes me feel confident running the financial operations of the largest statewide multi-faith non profit organization in Florida. Partnering with them has given me the peace of mind that my accounting books are in order, easy to track, and organized for our annual audit. Together with KEM, Faith in Florida has been able to produce amazing, professional financial reports and give our board of directors a snapshot of what's going on with the organization throughout the state by quarter, month, and year. Thank you for all of your patience and attention to detail these past few years and I look forward to many more!

Terrie Walters

So glad to have found KEM. They have helped take my business to the next level and given me the tools needed to continue to grow. KEM truly cares about their clients!

Rebecca Seidler

Elizabeth and Karen from Kem Business Solutions are the absolute best. They are always willing to answer all of my questions and help me with my bookkeeping needs. They are kind, generous and answer back quickly when I call them. I highly recommend Kem. They are the best.

Antonio Muniz

Super responsive and professional. They know the answers or will find the answers!

Mike Hertz

Fast return of email with phone call. Discussed problem and Elizabeth gave several solutions to look into before bring them into the shop to look at the system. Very knowable of Quickbooks.

E Rivera

Great accounting professionals that care about businesses and helping them cut costs.

Diego Garcia Mutis

I meet Elizabeth at the Chamber of commerce I can say she is a true leader in the central Orlando group

Angel Edwards

Awesome group of amazing business performance.

Ifly Woe

Knowledgeable and very helpful staff!

Brad Swezey

Karen and Elizabeth are methodical in their approach to helping businesses manage the financial aspects of their companies.

Faith Carter

Karen is amazing! She came in and answered all of our questions! She is very knowledgeable!

Jeff Lareau

THE best!

Christina Prieto

As a small business owner, I was stressed out, overwhelmed and doing the job of several different people in order to keep things running smoothly. I was so grateful when I met Elizabeth and Karen who were not only professional and thorough, but distinguishably caring and trustworthy. They put my mind at ease and have provided me with all the tools that I needed in order to maximize my efforts as a business owner. I have my time and energy back and I can now focus on what I really love to do! I am deeply grateful!

Thomas A. Klym

Great attention to detail

Brittney Boscana

Elizabeth and Karon are incredible. They truly care about me, and my small business. I recommend them to anyone and everyone that will listen. They cleaned up my books and got me on track in no time. If you need someone that will listen, advise, and help keep your business running smoothly. Call them, you will not regret it!

Rosa Ruiz-Bunker

I’m a Bank Manager, Elizabeth and Karen had helped my business customers go to the next level by helping them reduce their operational expenses and increase their sales.

Suzanne Meehle

The absolute best decision you can make for your business is to hire KEM to handle your books.

Cheryl Jenkins Reisman

If you want excellence from a team who delivers because they truly CARE don’t hesitate to hire them!

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