You might be surprised how often we are asked this question. Many businesses use QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online to keep track of all things financial in their business.

The shocking truth is that while QuickBooks is among the most popular accounting software packages, without QuickBooksTraining, many business owners are either misusing it or are underutilizing its power.

quickbooks training

New business owners might wonder, “What is QuickBooks?”

QuickBooks, simply put, is an accounting software made by the company Intuit.

QuickBooks contains a set of tools that you use to manage your finances, customers, clients, inventory, and vendors.

The software also has a robust Report Center that gives businesses a way to track many aspects of their business. The reports provide details on sales, income, expenses, and data related to company growth.

Another benefit of using QuickBooks is the automation features. The automation includes calculating sales tax, product tracking, and transaction updating. Each of these features saves the user time and resources.

For the purposes of our discussion, QuickBooks comes in two varieties. QuickBooks Online is a subscription-based online version of the program. QuickBooks Desktop is a locally-installed version of the software that is installed on a computer in an office. QuickBooks Desktop is purchased with a one-time payment for the software.

Can I just learn QuickBooks by using it?

The short answer is “sure.” Most people can learn just about any software by using it. It’s probably important to note that QuickBooks is a profoundly complex application, and trying to self-train in all the available features has the potential to be incredibly time-consuming.

Moreover, even people who have used QuickBooks for years, still do not fully understand many of the software’s details.

Trying to go at it alone also introduces some risk. If you were to set things up incorrectly or make mistakes while using the software, you run the risk of needing to have your accounting professional spend hours fixing things.

Further, if you do it yourself and make mistakes, you could be costing your company money through needless taxes or misallocated transactions.

We encourage anyone who is trying to self-teach QuickBooks training to think long and hard about the implications and risks.

What is the real value of QuickBooks training?

There are many ways to describe the value of formal QuickBooks training. The easiest to illustrate is that you will save a tremendous amount of time versus trying to figure it all out on your own.

One of the top reasons businesses don’t succeed is that they fail to appropriately manage the amount of money they have flowing in and out of the company. Professional QuickBooks training fixes that by making sure you have a clear picture of all financial aspects of your business.

Also, you will know that your company is set up correctly from the start. Even if you have been using QuickBooks or some other accounting software, learning the proper way to have things set up in QuickBooks assures that you are doing something right.

The hard message is this. You should be focusing your energy on the efforts that grow your business. This means you should be thinking about sales, delivery, product or service development, customer relationships, and overall business growth strategies.

Spending time away from those activities so that you can try to figure out accounting software takes your eye off the ball of business growth. QuickBooks training gets your eye back on the ball and your head back in the game.

Do I have to go somewhere to get QuickBooks training?

When you pick a professional to do your QuickBooks training, the first question you should ask is if you have to go to their facility or if they come to you.

The QuickBooks experts at KEM Business Solutions are proud to offer in-person, one-on-one, and group QuickBooks training. If you are an Orlando business or if your business is in the Tampa or St. Petersburgh area, you can come to our offices, or we can come to you.

We even offer remote training through screen sharing and video conferences.

There is tremendous value to QuickBooks training.

The wrap-up to this article is that while you could try to teach yourself QuickBooks, the time it takes removes you from the critical tasks in your business. The risks self-study introduces could jeopardize your business growth or put you in a position where your business fails. No one wants that.

Hiring an expert, like those at KEM Business Solutions, solves all of the problems associated with trying to learn QuickBooks on your own. And the added benefit is that you have a trusted advisor who is looking out for you and your business every step of the way.

Next steps? Contact us or give us a call at 407-598-0654, and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to see if our QuickBook Training Services are right for you and your business.