The art of strategic bookkeeping has taken us years to master. Along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two that makes the entire process easier to manage. Here are 3 tips from your Apopka bookkeeper that can make all the difference for your business:

1. Reconcile Your Accounts

The more accurate you can make your numbers, the less risk of misplacing funds. Whether you have multiple bank accounts, trust accounts, credit cards, or loans to run your business, it’s important to reconcile them to avoid errors and improve efficiency. If you reconcile your accounts monthly, you ensure that your transactions are more accurate, allowing you to look at the bigger picture of your finances and analyze where funds are going month over month, making it easier and faster to catch errors or discrepancies.

2. Find Ways To Automate Processes

Anything that you do more than twice has to be automated.” We do our best to run our business following this advice. Creating a successful bookkeeping strategy is all about finding ways to minimize the amount of work you’re doing. Create recurring invoices for your customers based on their payment deadlines, so that you only have to input their information once. Set up a schedule that automatically sends invoices when you complete the work. You can even partner with a bookkeeping services provider to help you customize a process that will pull information from your system to automatically input it into the invoice. The system will then send your customers all the tools and data they need to pay.

Apopka Bookkeeper Typing3. Invest In Accounting Softwares

Technology is your best friend. There is helpful software out there that makes the bookkeeping process much smoother. One we frequently recommend is QuickBooks, where you can bring all your data together and take payments from your customers within a single platform. Programs like QuickBooks also allow you to capture all of your financial transactions and categorize them to the proper accounts, making it easy to analyze your expenses and profit. This will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Seeking Support From Your Apopka Bookkeeper

While these tips will make your bookkeeping easier, implementing them can be tricky. KEM Business Solutions can walk you through setting up your books in a way that fits your specific business needs while answering any questions you have along the way. We offer QuickBooks training that focuses on gaining practical day-to-day knowledge of how to correctly and efficiently use the platform. Schedule a consultation today so we can discuss how we can set your bookkeeping up for success.