Bookkeeping is a fundamental aspect of accounting because it helps eliminate errors to simultaneously ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial records. KEM’s world-class bookkeeping services focus on developing easy to manage systems that help you wave goodbye to stress and place your full attention on actually growing your business.

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Why Professional Bookkeeping? 

Let’s face it; you didn’t start your business to spend days calculating your bank balance or chasing receivables. Allow us to run your books, and you’ll be in a better position to run your business.

By choosing KEM Biz Solutions to manage this central feature of the accountancy procedures, you will;

  • Save valuable time and money by removing this time-consuming assignment from your workload.
  • Keep employees, clients, and suppliers happy by staying on top of deadlines and organizational issues.
  • Rediscover, and subsequently recover, forgotten monies owed from customers and clients.
  • Unlock full transparency regarding income and expenditure to know where your business is headed.

KEM’s bookkeeping services additionally deliver expertise that actively helps you plot the next steps on your business journey. For the sake of time, money, and sanity, our professional bookkeeping services are the perfect addition to your arsenal.


How Can KEM Help You?

KEM’s bookkeeping services don’t just deliver exceptional results and peace of mind, they cover a comprehensive range of tasks that can be tailored to reflect the size of your operation.

Our experienced team members can support your business with the following steps and more;

  • Streamline your payables and receivables to maximize your cash flow.
  • Allocate expenses and income to the correct accounts.
  • Process vendor bills.
  • Manage vendor balances & monthly statements.
  • Set-up new customers.
  • Create invoices & set-up recurring invoices.
  • Record customer payments.
  • Provide monthly customer statements & collection reports.

All of our bookkeeping endeavors are supported by the latest technologies on the market while KEM also implements the best data security features to ensure that all information related to your company’s finances and tax returns are safe at all times.


Account Reconciliation From A Firm You Can Trust

KEM Business Solutions additionally allows your company to ensure the reliability of its financial records by processing the reconciliation of bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, and more. This is one of the most important tasks related to accounting because it helps eliminate errors and deliver accuracy.

When incorporated into a full bookkeeping service, our professional support is guaranteed to enhance the future of your business, regardless of the circumstances. We are proud to help;

  • Companies ranging from startups to established organizations.
  • Businesses in an extensive range of sectors.
  • Firms that have a combination of in-house and remote workers, as well as contractors.
  • Companies with complex challenges.
  • Businesses that prefer either manual or automated services.

KEM Biz Solutions will revolutionize the way you run your books, which will subsequently improve how you run the business too. Whether you need a simple system for your one-person business, or a robust framework for multiple companies, get in touch to find out more.