bookkeeping companyIf you’re looking for bookkeeping services, you might not know where to start. When you’re passionate about what you do, but the numbers are challenging for you, professional bookkeeping companies can take care of the dollars and cents for you.

Hiring a bookkeeper is one of the best ways to stay focused on your products and services without spending your valuable time putting the numbers in order. Bookkeepers have the right skills to help your companies money figures make sense to you so that you can make the best financial decisions for your company.

How do you know if you’ve found the right bookkeeping services? Here are five questions to ask before hiring your new bookkeeper.

1. What Do You Need Them to Do?

Before you ask questions of a potential bookkeeper, ask yourself some questions about the scope of work. How much (or how little) you need them to do can help you determine the best person for the job.

Make a list of the bookkeeping tasks you’ll need. These can include:

  • Reconciling bank transactions (weekly, monthly, or quarterly)
  • Creating sales invoices and following up on payments
  • Logging and paying supplier or vendor bills
  • Filing applicable taxes
  • Assigning appropriate coding to transactions
  • Preparing and monitoring reports (balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow, budgets)

When you understand the scope of the job, you’re more likely to hire a bookkeeper with the right skills.

2. Do They Have the Right Experience?

When you start interviewing potential bookkeeping services, find out about their level of experience. A company’s website will offer some insight into their experience, but it’s critical to ask deeper questions.

  • How long have they been in the bookkeeping industry?
  • What kind of clients do they serve?
  • What custom services can they offer?

Choose a bookkeeper with plenty of experience in your field of business.

3. How Do They Communicate?

If you’re not a “numbers” person, you need someone who can help you understand the numbers. Make sure your communication style and your bookkeeper’s style work well together. They need to present your finances in a way that makes sense and keep you informed at the level and frequency that you prefer.

4. What is Their Pricing?

You probably don’t have the time (or the desire) to be your own bookkeeper. However, it’s critical to make sure your budget allows for the costs of a bookkeeper. You also need to understand their pricing. Ask for a breakdown of fees that support the tasks you need a bookkeeper to do!

5. Are They Available?

Can they give you the time and attention your business needs? Many bookkeepers handle the books for more than one client. Make sure your bookkeeping professional can prioritize your work, as-needed.

Not All Bookkeeping Companies Are the Same!

Choose wisely when interviewing bookkeeping companies and choosing the best one for your needs. KEM Business Solutions provides expert bookkeeping and financial analysis for small businesses in a variety of industries. We’d love to chat! Contact us to learn how we can help you.