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Non-Profit Organization-How they gained access to information & payroll on their terms 
Sometimes, outsourcing a job is scary for many reasons.  Here are some of the ones we hear regularly:
  1. Is it affordable?  
  2. Do we have the time to review our business with someone else? 
  3. How effective will it be?
Our non-profit client was dealing with a pretty big problem.  They wanted to use every dollar to support their cause but were at a point where they did not have access to their information and payroll was not processed regularly.  A friend was helping but the accounting books were only on his computer and when he was busy, the organization’s needs took a back seat.
When our client reached out to us, their question was-do you think you can help us?  Challenge accepted! 
Our first order of business was to convert the non-profit organization to QuickBooks Online accounting software.  This allowed us to grant the principals access, so they could review donor information and financial reports at their convenience.  
We then launched QuickBooks Online Payroll with a bi-weekly payroll schedule to help regulate this problem area.  We created an easy-to-use timecard where the team was able to record their time and allocate it by fund. We also started created an email reminder campaign that launched three days prior to the payroll submission deadline to ensure there were no processing or direct deposit delays.
Both principals enjoyed reviewing the financial reports and updating information from the convenience of their homes, their hotels or the airports.  Regardless, the convenience, affordability and flexibility of QuickBooks Online has enabled them to better collaborate and create budgets to better oversee the organization.
Payroll has never been missed and, as our client mentioned, “our husbands are happy payroll and reimbursements are now consistent”.
We didn’t set out to impress the husband’s, but it was a nice bonus!
If you’d like some help accessing your information, contact us.
Using Automation to Improve Cash Flow
Service provider offered clients installment payment options.  They needed a way to send the monthly installment invoices to their customers, provide a way for their customers to make a payment from that invoice and show the updated invoice balance.  The existing process was to send out a reminder e-mail, which did not include any credit card payment options.  The only options available were to send in payments by check or use PayPal.  There also wasn’t any way to let a customer know if they were past due or not.
We developed an app that pulls the relevant information from the accounting system and automatically sends out the installment invoice to the customer via email, with a link to the actual invoice in the accounting system.  The customer can then opt to pay their installment amount, an additional amount or the entire balance due by credit card or bank draft.  It also sends a specific email body depending on whether the customer is current or past due on the account.
There was an increase in the number of payments received in the five days after the installment invoices were sent over the same time frame from the prior month by 222%.  This resulted in better cash flow for the client.  It also reduced the number of customers that were paying by check, which, in turn, reduced the amount of time the owner had to spend recording and depositing the checks.  The number of customers that were past due decreased significantly.  Lastly, customer satisfaction rose because of the convenience the process offered to the end user.