Joining a non-profit board has introduced us to new resources to better serve our clients’ and our community’s needs.

It is no secret we enjoy serving and helping others find resources they may not have known existed.  This is why, almost two years ago, when an opportunity to be a member of a non-profit board whose mission is to give a hand up in the community, I volunteered.  Although I was excited about the opportunity I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Here are three things I have learned:

Choose Passion

I chose an organization that provides services I am passionate about.  Not only because I think it is awesome that we have a community willing to step in and give a hand up, but also because my family experienced hardship and these resources were not available for them.  My job, and personal goal, as a board member is to ensure the organization is managed as efficiently as possible, so every dollar can be used to meet the needs of the community. Hearing success stories fuels my desire to help the organization continue growing.

Once An Accountant Always An Accountant

There are lots of committees in a non-profit organization!  So much so, I found it almost overwhelming. Although the desire to try something new did exist, I went with the strengths and skill set I already had. Yes, this means I became part of the finance committee.  Reviewing financials during our monthly meetings helped me polish my speaking skills.  Something else I learned was that sometimes accountants speak a “different” language.  Meaning, we speak in accounting lingo and forget to explain what the numbers are saying in a way everyone else can understand.  This has helped me do a better job when reviewing financials with our clients.

Don’t Be The Best-Kept Secret

Something we aren’t good about at KEM is sharing our successes on social media.  What I quickly found out though is that the desire to help the organization succeed is so strong you want your entire network to know you are involved.  More so, if it is in their budget, you would greatly appreciate their financial help, or their time volunteered.

Part of our commitment to the organization is to help spread the word about the amazing things they are doing.  This has encouraged us to have conversations with our clients and our network about organizations they support or want to be support and ways to build regular donations into their budget.

In short, joining a non-profit board has made us more aware of the needs that exist in our community.  It has made us advocates for the cause.  It has made us better financial educators and it has helped us build a stronger bond with our existing clients.

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