Who the Heck are We?

Welcome to our first blog! We’re glad you’ve come and we hope you’ll return often, share your experiences and learn from us and others.

So who are we? And what makes us truly different?

Here’s the quick overview:

Elizabeth Ortiz: Liz is the process developer, and she’s all about workflow. If your business isn’t running efficiently, Liz will create the flow. Really. She will.  “Even if a lot of people say this, I really do love dealing with my clients, “ explains Liz. “So many clients know their numbers (revenues, profits, etc.) intuitively. My greatest skill is taking the numbers out of their head, and putting them together into a workflow process. Clients often have an ‘aha’ moment when they see how the pieces of the big financial picture all fit together.”

Karen Wisdo: Karen is the analytical one. She realizes that most of KEM’s clients don’t love numbers the way that she does. “But the numbers are all about helping people realize their dreams,” Karen says. “A dream becomes reality when it is written down, quantified, and placed in a timeline.”

The Dynamic Duo: Indeed, it’s the journey on the way to business success that really matters, Liz and Karen agree. “Part of our job is getting clients to focus, regroup and define the Big Picture,” Liz says.

KEM supports the Big Picture, from bookkeeping to accounting to taxes to profitability.

“We want to help our clients take the next step,” Karen says. We love questions like, ‘How am I going to finance that new, larger office space?’”

And The Modus Operandi is…

KEM Business Solutions is more efficient than other accounting consulting firms.  Liz and Karen explain why:

  1. We Work Hard.  We know there are no shortcuts to success, and you’ll benefit from our hard work. We treat your business as if it was our business. Our goal is to give you information that empowers you.  
  2. We Are Accurate and Timely. We place great importance on making sure your numbers are right. Then we show you the results that will drive your decisions.
  3. We Truly Care. We feel a personal commitment to the success of your business. We are entrepreneurs too, so we understand your struggles. Don’t downsize your goals.  We’ll help you reach yours too.