Keeping track of payments and expenses is key when you run a business. Longwood bookkeeping services help you stay on track with your expenses from the start.

Process Vendor Bills

You will most likely work with vendors from which you purchase products and services to meet your client’s demands. Setting up your vendors correctly and establishing a system to track your purchases based on product, quantity or pricing will allow you to always know which vendor to use in any situation. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to use the purchase order function since it will allow you to track the life of the purchase.

After we have a good system in place for monitoring vendor purchases, we’ll walk you through how to create, view and edit vendor bills all in one process so you don’t have to worry about vendors missing payments.

Manage Vendor Balances and Statements

Although you may pay bills on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, it is always good practice to review your vendor balances and/or statements at least once a month. We want to make sure you get paid, and that you can easily know which vendors you owe and make them happy too!

Longwood bookkeeping services for small businessesKeep Track of Account Reconciliations

We know you probably have a lot of systems in place. From running your business to marketing your company, invoicing customers and tracking expenses. We want to help keep track of your business bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, and more. Staying organized with this information helps ensure accuracy. We offer account reconciliations as one of many Longwood bookkeeping services for small businesses to also help eliminate errors.

Get a Headstart On Your Longwood Bookkeeping Services For Small Businesses

Now that you have a better understanding of the services that can help your business, let’s get started! Contact us now to get help with your Longwood bookkeeping services.