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Free Bookkeeping + Accounting Resources

Download these high-quality checklists and templates to stay on top of your financial game.

Ultimate Independent Contractor Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you navigate the sometimes confusing process of hiring independent contractors.

The Ultimate Bookkeeping Checklist

Accurate, streamlined, strategic bookkeeping is at the core of our business.  This checklist guide is designed to help you apply the detail-oriented, organized bookkeeping process we’re known for to your own business!

Month In Review Template

Get a clear overview of your monthly goals, needs, and opportunities with this easy-to-use monthly review template!

Guides for Small Business Owners

Use these expert guides to help you apply for specific certifications – as a minority or women-owned business – and set your small business up for success.
Small Business Guide
Minority Supplier Certification Guide
Women Owned Business Certification Guide

Stay Organized and Comfortable

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Choose The Right Accounting Software For Your Business

QuickBooks Online is our go-to accounting software. We use QBO with all of our clients and recommend it to every small business owner who wants to keep their business finances organized and accurate.

Choosing QuickBooks Online is the easy part – but knowing which version you need can be a little bit trickier.

QuickBooks Online Essentials

Most small businesses can start here!


QuickBooks Online    Plus

You may want to upgrade to Plus if your business needs all the features listed in Essential plus:

QuickBooks Online  Advanced

This option is typically for larger teams. If you have 5 active users or process higher than average volume of invoices and expenses, Advanced QBO is for you!

This option includes everything in Essentials and Plus, and the following:

Find The Best Payroll Solution

Making sure everyone (including yourself!) gets paid on time is a crucial part of running a successful business.

This is a great solution for established businesses that are continuing to grow.

With ADP, you’ll get:

This is a great solution for an emerging business owner who is establishing cashflow consistency and may need additional time to meet payroll.

A major benefit of QBO Payroll? The direct deposit deadline the night before you’d like the direct deposit to go out.

Pro tip: Always have a professional set up this option so you know the tax accounts and responsibilities are correct.

This is a great solution for an established small business owner who wants to process payroll but doesn’t want to manage any tax details. It’s like a less-robust version of ADP.

Some of our favorite benefits of using Gusto:

One thing to note: Payroll must be submitted on time to ensure direct deposit hits timely

You’re Making Money – Now What? 

Choosing the right banking partner is a critical business foundation. We’re sharing three of our favorite financial partners and breaking down the pros and cons of each.

Pro tip: You should also establish a working relationship with a local bank or credit union 

If you want a large bank with great credit card options and lots of account permissions, Chase is a great option for you.

If you want the best credit card rewards, Capital One is hard to beat. It’s also a large bank with lots of options!

If you want to go completely digital and create bank accounts that will allow you to seamlessly run your business, grant permissions to those on your team including your accountant, and have up to 20 bank accounts, this is your bank!

Their digital platform lets you request W9’s from vendors before you pay them (a valuable feature!) and access direct deposit payments for minimal monthly fees.

Relay is also a great option for anyone who follows the Profit First method.

Market Like A Pro

Show off your offers and services with these helpful marketing tools and platforms.

Graphic Design

You can create everything from social media graphics to slide decks and professional PDFs in this free, easy-to-use design app.

Email Marketing

If you wish email marketing could be pretty and easy – you’re going to love Flodesk! It makes customizing your emails simple + fun.

We Couldn’t Function Daily Without These Tools

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