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Meticulous Bookkeeping for
Maximized Cash Flow

Do you know how to record and process every payment that comes in and goes out from your small business? Managing your books can get complicated in a snap! At KEM, we love to start with this service because organized, accurate books are the bedrock of your financial success. Once your books are in order and your accounts are reconciled, we can get a clear picture of where your small business is and what needs to happen to reach your next big goal.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include

Monthly Bookkeeping

We’ll streamline your incoming and outgoing payments and maximize your cash flow.

  • Record income and expenses to the correct accounts
  • Financial Reports (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow)
  • Recommendations for process improvements
  • Dedicated team

Account Reconciliations

We’ll ensure your financial records are accurate, detailed, and error-free.
Let us help you reconcile your:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit card accounts
  • Loans

We flag all of the vendors you pay so we can keep you compliant with the IRS and make sure your end of year 1099s are correct.

Account reconciliation is one of the most important tasks. Your records need to be right in order to be useful!

Our Bookkeeping Services Are Perfect For You If You Are…

  • Spending hours or days working on your books instead of investing valuable time in your business
  • Unsure how to manage or record your income and expenses
  • Overwhelmed by the outstanding payments, loans, and bills your small business has accrued
  • Manually sending or paying invoices
  • Frustrated because you don’t understand your small business’s financial status
  • Looking for a reliable partner who will deliver excellent results and help you learn along the way

We Do a Lot More Than Crunch Your Numbers

At KEM, we’re strategic partners.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Monthly or quarterly strategy sessions to talk through your financial data and talk about what your numbers mean
  • Expert advice about where to invest in your business and how to reach your big goals
  • Tough love about what’s not working – and the data to back it up
  • Collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Proven strategies for increasing your profit margins and keeping more of your hard-earned revenue

You Need Bookkeeping Help

What if each month you had a clear picture of your small business’s income and expenses? We’ll get you there, and we’ll help you understand your numbers and put your new, organized financial data to use!

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Let us manage your books, streamline your data, and maximize your cash flow. No stress, no overwhelm – just organized books and monthly reports!

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