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You know other small businesses use QuickBooks, so you bought yourself QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or QuickBooks Enterprise. Congrats – you’ve invested in the right software! But now you have to figure out how to actually use it… and that’s more complicated than you were counting on. Our team offers individual and small group training designed to help you understand what QuickBooks can do and how to make it work for your small business. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Our QuickBooks Training & Support Includes:

Individual & Group Training

Individual & Group Training

We’ll equip you with practical day-to-day knowledge and help you practice using the software with confidence and ease.

  • Proper set-up
  • Practical day-to-day knowledge
  • Tracking expenses
  • Payroll procedures
  • Generating reports

Other Software Support

We also offer training on other bookkeeping and accounting software.

Reach out and let us know if you need help with a non-QuickBooks program.

If you’re using a system or software we’re familiar with, we can create a customized training for you!

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Our QuickBooks Trainings Are Perfect For You If You…

  • Have invested in a QuickBooks software but don’t know how to use it
  • Would like your entire team to learn or understand how to use the software
  • Have figured out some features, but need help with more advanced or specific elements of the software
  • Don’t have the time to invest in mastering your QuickBooks software, but know you need to put it to work

We Do a Lot More Than Crunch Your Numbers

At KEM, we’re strategic partners.

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Monthly or quarterly strategy sessions to talk through your financial data and talk about what your numbers mean
  • Expert advice about where to invest in your business and how to reach your big goals
  • Tough love about what’s not working – and the data to back it up
  • Collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Proven strategies for increasing your profit margins and keeping more of your hard-earned revenue

You Just Don’t Understand QuickBooks

That’s okay! We’re pros, and we love teaching you (or your whole team) how to get the most out of this useful and efficient software. Training and support with KEM is easy to follow, direct, and often even fun!

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Let us manage your books, streamline your data, and maximize your cash flow. No stress, no overwhelm – just organized books and monthly reports!


Let us manage your books, streamline your data, and maximize your cash flow. No stress, no overwhelm – just organized books and monthly financial reports!

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